!!!!! 2016 AGM – March 13

Congratulations to all the office-holders of Holy Eucharist Parish

Today we will accept and commission many of these dedicated (and brave) men and women who have stepped forward to fulfill certain necessary duties in our parish so that our parish will thrive and grow as a Christian community serving our Lord and His mission.
* – denotes the member has a vote at Parish Pastoral Council meetings.

Chair Person – John Petryshyn*
Vice-Chair – Paul Bakan*
Past-Chair – Cathy Evanyshyn*
Secretary – Luke Deptuch*
Financial Committee Chair – Helen Mazur*
Members/Advisors – Bernice Hrehirchuk
                                  – Shirley Skochylas
                                  – Parish Priest
Property Management
Committee Chair – Mike Kowalchuk*
Rentals Committee Chair  – Carlene Deptuch
Bar Manager – Alexandra Manzura
Maintenance Committee – Ted Gierys
                                                  Nelson Hoffman
                                                  Peter Prociuk
Kitchen Committee – Bernice Hrehirchuk
                                       Anne Rybak
Sacristans – Walter Drewniak*
                         Vadym Purtov
                         Anthony Hendricks
Altar Guild Coordinator – Elaine Bowman
Parish Catechism Program – Joan Buchel*
Members at Large – Peter Prociuk*
                                          Val Munson*
                                         Karen Ewchuk*
Youth Representative – Damon Fawcett, H.E.Y President*
Seniors Club Representative – Bernice Hrehirchuk*
UCWLC Representative – Lydia Firman, President*
UCBC Representative – Br. Ron Aftanas, KSV, Acting President*
Holy Eucharist Social Club – Matthew Bakan*
Policies & Procedures Committee Chair – Ernie Shume
Children of Mary Coordinator – Carlene Deptuch

Archival Committee

Dr. Sam Hrushovetz

Lillian Deptuch

Ollie Evanyshyn

Bill Simcoe

Internal Audit Committee

Teresa Letwin

Wanda Lazaruk

Ernie Shume

Sacred Art Committee

Elaine Bowman

Jay Korban

Edward Swiecicki

Parish Priest

Margaret Hrushovetz

Liturgical Life & Music Ministry

Rev. Deacon Myroslaw Tracz

Lydia Firman

Cathy Wach-Dueck

David Hrehirchuk

Paul Bakan

Deacon Patrick Firman

Parish Priest

Helen Mazur

Social Communications

Alex Fawcett

Dr. Sam Hrushovetz

Teresa Letwin

Spencer Katerynuk

Parish Priest

Altar Servers Coordinator

Spencer Katerynuk