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His Grace, Metropolitan Lawrence (Huculak, OSBM) visited Holy Eucharist Parish on the First Sunday of Lent (“Orthodox Sunday”) to bless icons – including our “new” Iconostas (See Feb. 22 bulletin insert) and just to visit with us…

It was a truly happy day! The choir, which has been practising under the direction of Paul Bakan, sang beautifully. Besides our parish Priest, Fr. Michael, the Altar was surrounded by a visiting priest from Prince Albert (Eparchy of Saskatoon) Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky, Deacons Myroslaw Tracz and Patrick (Firman) and seminarian Jay Korban. The Altar Servers, under the direction of Spencer Katerynuk assisted impeccably.

Metropolitan Lawrence preached on the history of the Sunday and how it was established to celebrate the Church’s overcoming the heresy of Iconoclasm and why icons are so important to us.

Following the Divine Liturgy, the Parish Council and other volunteers, under the direction of Shirley Skochylas, prepared and served a delicious Lenten brunch. At the lunch, Parish Council Chairperson, Cathy Evanyshyn, thanked all those who had helped out with the special day. Fr. Michael told a bit of the story of the Iconostas and expressed special thanks to all those who had helped set it up, restore where needed and continue to maintain it. He mentioned a number of people (See Feb 22 bulletin insert), but pointed out three people in particular for their extra work in realizing the project – Jay Korban (coordinator), Orest Kulchycki (carpentry) and Nelson Hoffman (carving / finishing). He also thanked the many donors – especially the generous anonymous donor that made possible the acquisition of the amazing addition to the beauty of our church.

In the course of the brunch, Rev. Deacon Myroslaw Tracz was also recognized and thanked for his selfless dedication in serving our parish for a number of years. The Parish Council had decided awhile back that they wanted to express their gratitude in some way, and this event was the most appropriate venue with our Parishioners and our Bishop gathered together.

Following the lunch the spirit of joy and good will continued to animate all those gathered as many volunteered to stay on and help with the clean-up!

We thank our loving Lord for this beautiful day! God, in Your mercy and kindness, please continue to bless the parishioners of Holy Eucharist parish!

[Picture: Top – The gathering sings “Mnohaya Lita!” for Deacon Myroslaw Tracz. – L-R: Metropolitan Lawrence, Deacon Myroslaw, Paul Bakan, Mrs. Orysia Tracz]















[Picture: Bottom – Many hands help out in the kitchen for the clean up… among the crowd, we see Deacon Patrick and Seminarian Jay…]



During his recent visit to Ukraine (2 Feb 2015), our Parish priest, Father Michael Kwiatkowski, was a guest at his beloved Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in the city of Lviv where he served and taught for almost seven years. Besides teaching Canon Law, from 2000-2006 Fr. Michael was Vice-rector for Spiritual and Pastoral Life. The department that he headed oversaw the organization of liturgical services, retreats, counselling, chaplaincy and religious events for the university community.

During his stay now, the Rectorat of the university invited him to their regular meeting at which the Rector of the University, Rev. Dr. Bohdan Prach, presented Fr. Michael with a certificate of appreciation for his many years of work for the good of UCU. Even after returning to Canada in 2006, up until this year, Fr. Michael served on the board of Canada’s Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation for a number of years, including a few as Chair.

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[Picture: Father Michael accepts the certificate from Fr. Bohdan Prach (Rector), in the foreground Professors Oleh Turij, PhD (Vice-rector for Program Development) and Volodymyr Turchynovsky, PhD (Vice-rector and Chair of the Philosophy Department).]