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Brief History

Four months after an initial meeting in the house of Andrew Smaha, on August 11, 1918 Frs. Peter Oleksiw and Nicholas Shumsky called an organizational meeting to form a Ukrainian Catholic parish in East Kildonan. Acting on the advice of Bishop Nykyta Budka, property at the corner of Watt Street and Montrose (now Larsen) Avenue was purchased for $1200. By July 1919, a small church (100′x25′) was completed. Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Parish, the third Ukrainian Catholic church in Winnipeg, was blessed by Bishop Nykta on October 29, 1919. The first parish priest was Fr. Michael Pelech.

By the late 1940s, with the continued growth in the East Kildonan area, the church became inadequate to the needs of the growing congregation. A campaign was begun for a new church. Under the direction of Fr. Ihor Shpytkovsky, a triangular parcel of land was purchased at Watt Street and Munroe Avenue, just six blocks north of the first church building. The new church, designed by the the famous Belgian priest, Fr. Philip Ruh, OMI, was built in 1954.

Organizers of our Parish 1918 and Visiting Priests

Fr. Peter Oleksiw
Fr. Nicholas Chumsky
Fr. Vladimir Charney
Fr. John Kolsun
Fr. Michael Pelech, 1919-1920
Fr. Evhen Andruhovich, 1920-1921
Fr. Peter Oleksiw, 1921-1922


Fr. Michael Hryhorichuk, 1922-1925
Fr. Michael Olenchuk, 1925-1926
Fr. Nicholas Bartman, 1925-1926
Fr. Jospeh Fylyma, 1926-1927
Fr. Paul Suliatecky, 1927-1929
Fr. John Holowka, 1929-1930
Fr. Anthony Luhovy, 1930-1932
Fr. Canon Panteleimon Bozyk, 1932-1938
Fr. Michael Syrnyk, 1938-1940
Fr. Ihor Shpytkovsky, 1940-1966
Mitrat Stephen Semczuk, 1967-1972
Fr. Joseph Fornalchuk, 1967-1972
Msgr. Vladimir Bozyk, 1972-1994
Mitrat Gregory Oucharyk, 1994-1999
Fr. Darren Kawiuk, 1999-2005
Rev. Dr. Michael Kwiatkowski, 2009-2021
Rev. Fr. Michael Winn, 2005-2009, 2021-present

Assistant Pastors

Fr. Marian Dawydko
Fr. Alexander Baran
Fr. Eugene Rudachek
Fr. Vladimir Olach
Fr. Roman Zakrewsky
Fr. John Sholdak
Fr. Andrew Zayac
Fr. Edward Kwiatkowski


Fr. Deacon John Melnyk
Fr. Deacon Michael Strilec
Fr. Deacon Morris Kowalchuk
Fr. Deacon Nicholas Kohuch
Fr. Deacon Victor Humniski
Fr. Deacon Myroslaw Tracz
Fr. Deacon Patrick Firman