Email Scam

Please note that there is an email going around from “Rev. Fr. Michael Winn” asking for you to purchase Amazon gift cards. Our pastor, Fr. Michael Winn, would NEVER solicit funds from you through email. This email is a scam and we ask that all parishioners ignore the email(s). Please do not interact with the scammer.

Parish BBQ and Meet ‘n Greet the Pastor

Sunday, September 19, 2021 | 11:30 am
All are welcome!
Rain or Shine!

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, we will celebrate only one bilingual Divine Liturgy in the Church. Afterwards, all are invited to the Parish BBQ. We will also have a chance to meet and greet the new/old pastor, Fr. Michael Winn (he is newly assigned and was our pastor from 2005-2009).

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Cold Drinks
COVID-friendly games with prizes

PROSPHORA: Liturgical Bread

Prosphora 6Prosphora is the special bread that is prepared for use at the Eucharistic liturgy. It is a leavened bread made from simple and pure ingredients: wheat, salt, water and yeast. One of the most distinctive aspects of prosphora is that it is kneaded significantly more than most table breads, because it must be firm must remain whole when it is later immersed in the Chalice for Holy Communion.

Usually 5 (small) prosphora loaves are used for a Divine Liturgy. Sometimes a single specially-sealed prosphora is used. However, for the sake of convenience, the practice at Holy Eucharist Parish is to use pre-cut pieces, sliced from large prosphora loaves. This includes smaller “particle” pieces and larger squares that are used as the “Lambs”.

Prosphora 3

On a regular basis during the year, Mrs. Margaret Chemerika, bakes the many prosphora loaves. They  are brought to the church to be cut in preparation for the Divine Liturgy that is celebrated at least once daily in the parish church. The same bread is also baked in the form of small round loaves that are used for the “lytia” blessing at vespers on the eve of greater feastdays.

Prosphora 1

The large loaves are sliced and then individually cut by a number of volunteers from among the parishioners. They are then partially dried and stored for use in the church.

Prosphora 2

A very special thank you to Joan Tataryn, Helen Mazur, Lilian Deptuch, Morris and Irene Mazur and Hope Ewanyshyn who helped this time.

National Week for Life and the Family

National Week for Life and the Family

This excellent initiative of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops gives local churches the opportunity to organize a special week of events that both informs about pertinent “life issues” and also celebrates the gift of life and the energy of family. The three major Catholic jurisdictions in Southern Manitoba – the Archeparchy of Winnipeg, the Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface and the Archdiocese of Winnipeg have been collaborating for several years now to produce excellent opportunities and quality events for all citizens of good will to learn about the issues from the faith perspective of truth and hope… and to celebrate in a positive way: life and marriage and children and family and aging and understanding illness and the many ‘passages’ that are part of human existence – including death.


May 9-16 2021



The 2020 National Week for Life and the Family will be held in Winnipeg primarily from May 10 – 17. The working theme this year is: “Children: The crowning Glory of Marriage“.



Holy Eucharist Parish hosted a Neighbourhood Barbeque as one of Winnipeg’s events for the 2014 National Week for Life and Family. The Barbeque was planned to be held outside next to the church building. However, cold windy weather forced the event inside.


The evening began with a ‘social hour’ where the many guests – mainly parishioners and neighbours from the area around the church could meet and socialize. A number of ladies under the direction of former parish council chairperson Shirley Skochylas prepared a mouth-watering summer meal of hotdogs, kovbasa, potato salad, baked beans, chips, cookies, etc. [A special thank you goes out to Linda Kadeshchuk, Bernice Hrehirchuk, Donna Korban, Carlene Deptuch, Betty Soloway, Peter & Sonya Prociuk, Luke Deptuch and Tony Skochylas]


After everyone had eaten well and had settled down with some sweets and cup of coffee, invited guest speaker, Claudia Kudryk-Serray, shared some insights from her expertise and experience with palliative care. Many of the people present could relate to the stories that Kudryk-Serray used to demonstrate the needs of both the dying and of their family and friends. A question period followed. Parishioner Dr. Sam Hrushovetz shared a moving personal story of his experience when his mother passed from this life.


A “Moleben’” (a prayer service) was the concluding part of the evening. Everyone moved up into the church and spent a moment in meditation in the midst of the breath-taking Byzantine interior. Parish Priest Fr. Michael, who led the service of prayer to the Mother of God, arranged that the Scripture readings were those used for the Sacramental Anointing of the sick. A number of petitions germane to the theme of the week were also added. [Special thanks to Anthony Hendricks, Elaine Bowman, Anthony Maksymetz and David Hrehirchuk]